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Okatsune Secateurs are made from high carbon steel, precisely heat treated for a fine grain for long lasting sharpness. These secateurs are able to cut even the hardest of branches effortlessly, Okatsune shears are famed both in Japan and abroad for their ease of use and fantastic cutting ability.

In order to get the longest use possible out of your OKATUNE SECATEURS :

1) Remove any sap left behind after use and coat with a little oil to prevent rust. Please lubricate any area s that tent to rub together(causing friction) such as the bolt and the hole for the spring . Lubricants will help to prevent friction and unsteadyness.

 2) if the scissors' ability to cut diminishes, it is possible to restore the cut of the blade by sharpening it, but there us a trick to sharpening this particular type of scissors. We can help our customers with this so please don't hesitate to get in contact should sharpening services be required.

 3) A specific tool is required to adjust the screws, so please do not disassemble these scissors at home.

Please note: Blades are extremely sharp, please take special care when you are handling them and keep them away from children.


Blade Length: 75mm

Total Length: 200mm

Weight: 230g