KNIFE / STEEL Polish Cream Compound, KYOMEN-SHOKUNIN 200g

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Kyomen Shokunin / Mirror Finishing Cream Compound

The finishing cream gives surfaces a mirror-like shine.

It can be used on stainless, carbon-steel, ceramic surfaces, glass and floor tiles. This eco-friendly

cream is powerful enough to remove rust from a variety of surfaces, whilst being soft enough to prevent discolouration.

As well as leaving blades with a dazzling shine, this cream helps prevents the formation of rust by giving the blade a smooth finish.


Instruction for Use

Put a small amount of finishing cream on a dry cloth and rub gently back and forth.

on the blade until the cream has dis appeared. Since the knife and polish to realise the full effect of the cream.


Please note:

Use sparingly, using too much cream will result in smears on the knife.

Do not use on matt- finish knives.

Rinse with warm soapy water.