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Nashiji-Finished Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife combines a visible strong inner Shirogami1 Carbon Steel with a stainless steel outer edge. 

This extremely long-lasting knife has a Nashiji finish (literally Pearskin finish) giving the knife a 

slightly rough , matt texture which ensures your vegetables slide off the blade with ease.

This highly recommended knife is also easy to sharpen and maintain. 

The Chestnut tree handle is water-resistant and is known for its durability.

When the wood of Chestnut tree is heated, it becomes well -protected against rot and even erosion.

The heating process is so effective that the wood has been to create railway sleepers for many years.

This type of handle can only be made by a master craftsman; the strength of the Chestnut tree 

makes it difficult to make, despite this, the wood is can be bought  at fantastic value for money.


KOGETSU series knives are traditionally crafted.

Japanese knives that proudly show their idiosyncrasies that reflect the manufacturing process.

In making these knives, the blacksmith patiently undertakes fifty steps, the majority of which are done by hand,

to create a durable knife whose sharpness is second to none.

The only machines used in the process are pedal-powered and specially designed for the craft.

Due to each knife being  individually crafted, no finish is ever the same; this is a knife for somebody who cares about

performance power, not perfect looks.


Edge Angle: Double- edged

Blade Length: 165mm

Total Length: 305mm

Weight: 135g

Blade Material: Shirogami 1 / White  Carbon Steel 1, Clad in Stainless Steel (Sanmaiba / sandwiched)

Handle Material: Chestnut Tree Wood

Saya/ Sheath: Not included

Rust Resistant: NO

 * Please dry thoroughly to avoid rust!!

 Due to the thinness of the Shirogami carbon Steel blade extreme care must be taken when using this knife.