New Open!!

New Open!!

COVID-19 update

We are delighted to announce that opening our new shop to the public now! Ensuring the safety of our staff and customers is very important to us, all of our staff will be wearing face masks and there will be a clear screen running the length of our counter. We must ask visiting customers to help us maintain a safe environment by adhering to a few rules:

• Only 2 customers will be permitted to enter the shop at any time
• Please respect our neighbours by avoiding blocking the entrance to the right of the shop
• If you have a face mask please wear it when visiting
• Please use our sanitiser when you enter, feel free to use it again when you leave
• We must ask you to minimise handling items. Please avoid touching items unless you are interested in purchasing them
• We will not be accepting cash payments so ensure you are prepared for card payment
• We will be limiting the amount of time each customer can spend in the store to 20 minutes

If you are visiting the shop to use our sharpening services:

• Ensure your knives are clean before bringing them. Under no circumstances will we accept dirty cutlery for sharpening
• If you are visiting exclusively to use the sharpening service we will endeavour to fast-track you through the queue when possible