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A pair of kitchen scissors with a beautiful design is made by Toribe Seisakusho in Sanjyo City, Nigata, Japan.

Sharper blades will impart a more beautiful finish on your prepared ingredients and cut through even the hardest of foods with ease

thanks to their serrated edge.

These scissors are compatible with dish washers that clean using hot water.

they are also completely fine tom use with sterilization and disinfectant techniques that use alcohole, ultra-violet lamps and ozone.

These scissors are detachable, so you can even clean the two blades separately to get into all of the little nooks and crannies.

This detachability also allow s you to maintain cleanliness in the space between the two blades.

The final process on the blade are completed by the most skilled craftsmen, meaning that each pair of scissors is carefully fine -tuned

to perfection.


How to detach:

Make sure that you are holding the handle with both hands, open them 110˚, and take apart.

How to re-attache:

Perform while pressing down on the head of the nut with your finger through the surface.


Please be aware of the following so that you do not cause damage to the blade:

Make sure to throughly defrost frozen foods and ingredients before trying to cut them.

Please do not use these scissors to cut though thick materials such as cardboard and rubber.

These scissors can not be used to cut through wire or metal.

Please note:

Please do not use these scissors in their detached state.

Blades are extremely sharp, please special care when you are handling them and keep them away

from children.



Blade Length: 80mm

Total Length: 200mm

Weight:   115g

Material: Forged Stainless Steel